The Bridgeport Hotel reopens after $45m revamp

“After more than 10 years of planning and building, it’s an overwhelming feeling to finally see the project coming to completion and to sense it’s going to be a game changer for the region.”

– The Bridgeport Hotel owners Ian Tregoning and Graham Hobbs

EDP Hotels will triple the size of its previous workforce when The Bridgeport Hotel reopens.

South Australian business EDP Hotels is set to deliver a major employment and tourism boost to Murray Bridge when The Bridgeport Hotel reopens this June following a multi-million dollar upgrade.

Business owners Ian Tregoning and Graham Hobbs share their thoughts on why Murray Bridge is a great place to do business – and to make it yours.

Benefits of investing in Murray Bridge

Economic outlook:

EDP Hotels decided to redevelop The Bridgeport Hotel because the business has confidence in the region’s growth and saw that Murray Bridge has much to offer with the river on its doorstep. The business owns 17 hotels in South Australia and The Bridgeport Hotel will be EDP Hotels’ signature property: the first with accommodation and the largest – a sure sign of EDP Hotels’ confidence in the local economy.

Tourism outlook:

The river, the quality of local produce and the people make Murray Bridge a great regional destination to visit.

Business community culture:

EDP Hotels came to Murray Bridge more than 20 years ago and is committed to supporting the wider business community by working closely with schools, higher education providers, the Murray Bridge Business Association and other local tourism bodies to identify opportunities.

Results of investing in Murray Bridge

Local economic growth:

The opening of The Bridgeport Hotel will provide economic stimulus to a wide cross section of local and regional businesses. EDP Hotels is deliberately sourcing linen, wines, food, entertainment, in-house gifts and printing services from local suppliers.

Workforce expansion:

Creating jobs for local residents was EDP Hotels’ number one priority. This commitment includes four apprenticeships and up to 50 traineeships. The Bridgeport Hotel will employ 150 people when the business reopens in June 2021 which is triple the size of the hotel’s workforce before the redevelopment and more than 90 per cent of staff are from the local region.

Council support:

The Rural City of Murray Bridge has helped EDP Hotels integrate The Bridgeport Hotel back into the community. The Rural City of Murray Bridge is a council that supports opportunity: a key quality for local businesses looking to invest in the region. EDP Hotels appreciates the support it has received from council.

Ongoing investment:

Murray Bridge has a strong future as a place for businesses to invest. The region is growing, the tourism market has changed and Murray Bridge is going to boom.

The Bridgeport Hotel opens on 8 June 2021.

Visit www.bridgeporthotel.com.au to find out more.

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