Kookaburra Homes keeps growing

“Murray Bridge is a great place to continue to run our business from.”

– Kookaburra Homes Co-owners Steven Walker and Wayne Goodwin

Kookaburra Homes grows customer base by 400% in three years

Award-winning South Australian home builder Kookaburra Homes established its first office in Murray Bridge eight years ago after recognising the district’s enormous potential for business and housing industry growth. With offices now in Adelaide and Mount Barker, Kookaburra Homes continues to choose Murray Bridge as the base for its business headquarters.

Benefits of investing and working in Murray Bridge

Economic outlook:

Kookaburra Homes has seen Murray Bridge experience substantial growth over the past four years and predicts this trend will continue. The company recently signed another 10-year lease reflecting its commitment to, and confidence in, the local economy.

Cost effectiveness:

Kookaburra Homes is a large business and needs space to operate effectively. Murray Bridge is more affordable than Adelaide resulting in a reduction in the company’s overhead expenses.

Workforce stability:

Kookaburra Homes has 29 employees based in Murray Bridge. Together, they represent 75% of the company’s total workforce. More than 50% of employees are female which is above the building industry average and reflects the company’s commitment to gender balance.

Business community culture:

Kookaburra Homes welcomes the supportive culture that exists among local business operators where everyone’s success is encouraged and celebrated.

Council support:

The Rural City of Murray Bridge is very encouraging of Kookaburra Homes’ goal to grow a successful business.

Brand awareness:

Promotion of Murray Bridge as a ‘destination’ is gaining momentum. As a result, more visitors are exposed to the Kookaburra Homes brand.

Results from investing and working in Murray Bridge

Customer base growth:

In 2015, approximately 900 groups visited Kookaburra Homes’ Murray Bridge Display Centre. That number has increased 400% during the past three years to approximately 4,500 groups in 2018.

Employee engagement:

Staff retention at Kookaburra Homes has remained stable at 98% during the past three years.

Workforce expansion:

Kookaburra Homes will be hiring more staff in the areas of administration, sales and construction within the next year.

Corporate social responsibility:

Kookaburra Homes has donated more than $105,000 to Murray Bridge community projects in the past three years. The company is exploring future project opportunities with the Rural City of Murray Bridge as a way to thank the community for its ongoing support of the business.

“We believe the support of local council is extremely important for any business and can definitely make or break a business’ decision to invest in an area.

As a builder, a council that is not proactive – and not willing to support land development opportunities – is a huge determining factor that we take into major consideration when deciding whether or not to invest in that area.

Another determining factor for us as a business is how easy it is to deal with the planning team of that specific council. We have a very good and proactive relationship with the Rural City of Murray Bridge: from the planners to the Mayor.

We have always found them to be helpful and very interested in how they can assist us in growing a successful business here in Murray Bridge.”

– Kookaburra Homes Co-owners Steven Walker and Wayne Goodwin

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